Ideas and Discussion: Boarding Schools, Search Engines, and Homework

Hey gang just a quick update today on a topic that was being discussed ont he television today and I thought I would continue the discussion.

I have also linked to some cool resources for further education on these topics.

Basically I wanted to discuss a few topics from missconceptions about boarding schools, some ideas about search engine and how they can really be used for good when it comes to education.

Actually these days most school will tell you to Google it and get resources and your facts from the search engines. I mean without them most of the world would not know where to turn to get the answers they seek.

And finially I wanted to touch on the topic of Homework. My two cents on homewoprk is thay it requires a lot more effort by the parents these days with the work not being something that can be done by the child without the aid of a parent.

While this may be okay I personally find it hard as my husband works nights and I have a number of children and homework schedules to complete. Some of the criteria is just simply beyond me.

I feel that teachers when handing out the homework should really go over the steps they need to take in order to complete the work at hand. THey should spend more time getting children prepared to do the work themselves.

On top of this why is there so much homework anyway, do the children do nothing at school for 6 plus hours. If they can’t teach the children whats needed in a 6 plus hour day then I think we need to reasses the education system and the amount of work load that is expected. Maybe reduce the sport or recreation at school in order to complete all the tasks at hand.

myseolopinion corrects some misconceptions about boarding schools:

Boarding schools are given the stigma of being a place that mothers and fathers can leave behind their kids without having to deal with all of them, but … boarding schools present an ambiance comparable to a college for their pupils … [and] the most effective element of boarding schools may be the social aspect. Read more.

Search engines are a source of learning | Science Daily

They [the researchers] found that search engines are primarily used for fact checking users’ own internal knowledge, meaning that they are part of the learning process rather than simply a source for information. They also found that people’s learning styles can affect how they use search engines. Read more. 

Another good reason to let your students use the Internet! Effective Practices for Homework

A critical idea here is that the student must have demonstrated competence in the skill being practiced before being asked to do it independently (i.e., as homework). Research indicates students should be able to perform a skill at 90% accuracy before it should be assigned as homework for independent practice.

Optimal time per night spent on homework varies with grade level. For, primary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school grades, the optimal time is about 20, 40, 60, and 90 minutes, respectively.

In my opinion there are a lot of issues that I have brought up here and I would love to hear what your thoughts are. Also don’t forget to see what else is on offer here by heading to the main page of this site and exploring further.

Junk Food Marketing to Kids

This excellent video on junk food marketing to kids could be used in a media literacy and/or health lessons.

This is quite amazing and terrible really, they put so much effort and money into making sure the junk food industry is becoming richer and richer with our kids losing out.

Some of these ads are so well done that they do make it really hard for kids to want to eat healthy, we have one of the most obese countries in the world and they wonder why.

In my opinion there should be some sort of governing policy or board checking these ads and minimizing when they are shown.

They seem to put them on whilst our kids are watching their favorite afternoon cartoons or even in the morning prior to school.

To compete with it is very hard, but atleast most of the local schools are putting up a good fight by intrducing more healthy eating in schools than ever before.

This sort of action should be put into action in more places than just schools. One good thing I did see the other day while at the supermarket with my kids is they had free fruit on offer for all kids to take as they please.

This was great and my kids grabbed an apple before heading into the supermarket. I save money not getting any junk for them and they were less interested in the wondedrful lollies and there flashy packaging.

I was able to skip that isle altogether. The store was a Woolworths store so my hat goes off to them.

Modern Day Technology For Keeping Teens Safe Online

As a people, we are more connected now than we’ve ever been in the past. Using different devices, we can easily connect to the internet and browse until our hearts are content.

Technology has already advanced at an alarming rate in the past ten years. In the year 2006, we didn’t have tablets, smart phones or even wireless internet service. It’s safe to say that things are very different for today’s teenager than they were in the past.

In keeping teenagers online safe and secure, we must utilize technological advancements to provide them with a protected experience that keeps them both entertained and protected from outside threats to their well-being.

Modern technology such as mobile phone tracking gives parents the access that they would not otherwise have. These applications can be used for tracking cell phone activities and offering monitoring solutions for worried parents.

Parental control apps give parents the peace of mind in knowing where their children are, who they’re talking to and how they are using social media applications. If you find yourself feeling worried about what your teenager is up to, then you owe it to yourself to find out everything they’re doing online, regardless of the device used.

Monitoring teens online isn’t a fun experience, but it is necessary if you suspect your teenager is being approached by those who intend to do them harm. You can offer your teen protection as a parent by blocking bad contacts, nefarious apps or track your child’s internet browsing history.

In the past, we never thought such technology would be possible, but now that the time is upon us, we can take advantages of all of the features that mobile tracking software has to offer. These apps are easy to install and use and also provide us with a layer of protection that keeps those close to us secure in the vast online world.

There are many dangers on the internet for teenagers; among them are sexting, bullies, predators and the ignorance of the potential damage to their reputations. Many teenagers don’t consider that there are bad people in the world who want to do them harm.

As parents, it is our job to keep our children safe and secure while they’re enjoying their various devices online. When we are able to track not only who they’re talking to, but their exact messages, we can stop bad behavior before it gets out of hand.

Even better is the opportunity to tap into their live calls and listen to their conversations Teenagers can be sneaky and make plans to sneak out of their homes and into the wrong company. Using this technology, we can prevent any unwanted contact with bad groups, gangs and those people who have been deemed a bad influence on our kids.

In order to check out what our kids are doing online, we can log in to the software using any computer and internet connection. Once inside, we can see call logs, text messages, photos and other media sent and received, and see what they are doing across all of the most popular social media networks.

What makes these monitoring services even more valuable is that they are easily switched between devices. If your teenager gets an upgrade to their cell phone, the monitoring service can be transferred easily. The software is easily installed without access to the device in person and can be uninstalled remotely.

If you have no worries about the safety of your teenagers, but want a service that offers simple services, then tracking apps can also help you. These services offer parents the ability to turn off text messaging while teens are driving or just GPS tracking. This is helpful in even the best of kids because we all get worried when our teens don’t answer their phones. If you could tap into their location live, you can know that they’re safe and sound.

The best feature is that the software runs in the background of your teenager’s cell phone, so they will never know that you’re tracking their online activities. These apps offer parents a legal solution to a common problem that plagues us all.

Know everything there is to know about what your teenager wants to keep hidden from you. Chances are, it’s something that isn’t good for them, so it sends a signal to parents that it’s time to step in and stop bad behavior online. Find out what they’ve bookmarked online, viewed in their internet browsers and any other activity when using their cell phone or other connected devices.

Why not offer children the most protection possible for the technological advancements achieved in the past ten years? If our parents could have done similar tasks, you can be rest assured that they would’ve taken advantage of the information garnered by these useful apps.

These packages offer the supervision needed for unruly and well behaved teenagers alike. As we all know, when left to their own devices, teenagers all have the ability to get up to no good. Stop bad behavior before it starts and know what your kids are looking at online.

Cell phones aren’t a perfect technology and they can be hacked, just ask any celebrity who had photos that have been leaked online. Similar to that, your teenagers can have pictures on their phones that they might think are secure, but can be hacked and shared with the world. Prevent any damage to their reputations by checking their media galleries for photos that could potentially harm them if fallen into the wrong hands.

Your teenagers are never really too old to be monitored, tracked and protected from the harmful ways of the outside world. If you’ve paid for their cell phone and your child is a minor, you have the right to know what they’re using their devices for while they’re browsing the internet. Using mobile phone tracking apps can offer you a wealth of information on your child’s browsing habits, who they’re messaging and what they’re discussing.

You can fight bullying, protect your child from viewing objectionable content and prevent them from sharing racy pictures – all with the help of a simple, easy to install phone app

How To Monitor My Teenagers On Their Cell Phones

As a parent of teenagers, I know how hard it can be to protect them even when they think they don’t need it. The world has a lot of dangers in it and it is my job to keep them safe. I’ve decided that my best bet is to start with researching parental control apps so that I can monitor their movements and know who they’re talking to.

Cell phone tracking apps offer the ease of use and have many features for monitoring teens online. When my teenagers are out of sight, they’re never out of my mind. So, when I’m not able to be there in person, I use mobile phone tracking software that keeps me in the know.

In reality, parents can’t follow their children everywhere they go every time they leave the house. You can never be sure that they’re not getting into trouble or difficult situations. However, there is help for those who want to know what our kids won’t tell us.

Tracking cell phone activities has never been easier with the use of spying apps. If you have troubled teenagers who are prone to hanging out with the wrong crowds, going places where they’re not supposed to be or lying about their activities, then you need to monitor them.

Below, is a list of ways I monitor my teenagers on their cell phones:

Read all text messages

With this feature, I can read all text messages sent to and from my teenagers’ cell phones. This lets me know if they are getting into any trouble that they might not be able to handle. In the case of trouble, I can step in, offer guidance or block unwanted contacts that may serve to threaten their safety. This also serves to give me information if my teenagers are giving out their personal information or if anyone asks them for it.

Spy on social media apps

If my teenagers are using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media app to send or receive messages or photos, I can monitor this behavior. Even if these messages are deleted from their native apps, I still get notified. Using this feature, I also have the ability to block contacts on these social networks.

Track their locations using GPS

If my kids aren’t where they say they’re going to be, then I will know within minutes. I want to give them the trust they need to build lasting friendships, but if they lie about their whereabouts, I can correct this behavior.

Monitor their call logs and contacts

With this feature, I have the ability to see who my teenagers are talking to and the names of people on their contact lists. This feature is particularly useful in weeding out those negative influences in their lives.

Check their stored photos and videos remotely

My teenagers might try to send racy photos out to their boyfriends, but with this feature, I can put a stop to that quickly and easily. I will know if they send or receive any questionable photos or videos so that I can address the situation immediately. At times, teenagers don’t see the catastrophic events that can result from sending out racy pictures via text or using a social media app. These pictures can come back to haunt them and it’s best that if this activity gets nipped in the bud as soon as it happens.

Block strange apps

If there is an app on my kids’ phones that I don’t want them to access, I can simply delete the app or block access to it.

Monitor bookmarks and browsing history

If I want to know what my teenagers are searching for online, I can easily log in remotely using any web browser and find out their browsing history. I can also monitor their bookmarks, so I know their information is kept safe and private.

With a keylogger, track every keystroke

Teenagers try to send photos and text messages and then quickly delete them, but spying apps track every keystroke in a tidy log. This gives me the information that my children are trying to kept hidden.
Gone are the days when my teenagers are sneaking out of the house, texting people our address or sending out racy pictures. With cell phone monitoring apps, I can keep knowledgeable about everything they’re doing and keep on top of situations that can do them harm.

As a parent, it’s my job to keep my kids protected and I will do everything in my power to keep them safe at all times. They may hate that I keep tabs on them, but in the end, they’ll thank me for it.

Overall, parental control apps run in the backgrounds of the phones of which they’re installed. In any event, my teenagers will remain unaware that I’m tracking them with their cell phones, but will always wonder how I know the information I’m given when I login and read their messages.

I can only offer my praise to the programs behind these apps because they have made my job as a parent that much easier. I can check on my teenagers at any time and make sure they’re talking to good people, not engaging in questionable behavior and they’re in the place they’re supposed to be. Millions of teens are spending more and more time online as they collect internet connected devices. With great mobile spying software, I can track my teenagers regardless of if they’re on their cell phone, tablet or laptop. These software programs offer me the ability to put a stop to any type of behavior that my kids may regret later in life.

We have all made mistakes online at one point or another, but I will keep my kids safe any way I know how. Apps like these give me the chance to monitor every aspect of their online presences and protect them like any good parent should.